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Orthodontic Treatment

Radiant Smiles with Orthodontic Excellence

Orthodontic treatment involves straightening or moving teeth to improve the appearance and function of them.

Our expert orthodontists are dedicated to personalized care, utilizing cutting-edge technology to align teeth seamlessly. Whether you're seeking traditional braces or discreet clear aligners, our tailored approach ensures optimal results for your unique dental needs.


For orthodontic treatment to be effective, each patient must meet specific criteria. Total treatment time is determined by the bite to be corrected and how frequently a patient can visit the orthodontist. Other factors that influence the duration of the treatment are, if extractions are needed, if brackets are detached, or if garters/devices that were indicated to us are not used. Treatment can be anywhere between 8 and 24 months.


Orthodontic studies are necessary, as our doctors will not have an idea of your current dental condition.

To start the treatment of braces it is necessary to carry out a complete orthodontic study which consists of X-rays, photographs and study models, with which the specialist will plan the treatment that is individualized.

In self-ligating braces we can extend appointments from 6 to 8 weeks, as long as the treatment does not require closer visits such as in the case of treatment that requires extractions. Remember, that in the end of the orthodontic treatment it is necessary to place retainers, to avoid future movement of the teeth.

Materials used during Treatment:

Metal Braces can be silver or golden. The golden braces have a “jewelry – like” aesthetic. Metal braces are very strong and can withstand most types of treatment.
Ceramic braces (aesthetic braces) are made of composite materials. They are very strong and generally do not stain.

Remember that when we use metal or aesthetic braces, they can break and detach easily with chewing either the force of the teeth themselves, or with fibrous and chewy foods. When placing appliances we must take care of what we eat, and take into account that tooth movement can cause pain, inflammation, discomfort in the gum, cheek and tongue. Little by little our body gets used to it and as time goes by, some discomforts will be removed.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment:

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