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Dental Dentures

Regain Confidence and Functionality with Custom Dental Dentures

Rediscover the joy of a complete smile with dental dentures at Turabi Dentistry. Our expert team is committed to providing personalized and comfortable denture solutions that restore not only your teeth but also your confidence and ability to enjoy your favorite foods.

Whether you need complete or partial dentures, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a natural and functional smile.

Types of Dentures

Implant Retained Denture

The ideal solution for prosthetic rehabilitation of the edentulous jaw. Unlike a fully fixed prosthetic replacement, a cover prosthesis requires a smaller number of implants, which, along with a higher probability of implementing the planned therapy (looking at the quantity and quality of remaining bone) and a less invasive procedure, greatly reduces the financial aspect of therapy. The main retention element is the bar, which fixed to the four previously placed implants forms the primary (patric), while the secondary (matrix) is located inside the prosthesis. With excellent retention and a completely reduced denture base, the implant cover prosthesis is an ideal and patient- friendly prosthetic replacement.

Cast Partial Denture

If the arrangement of the remaining teeth is favorable, there is a possibility of modifying the wiron denture in such a way that the brackets as retention elements are replaced by articular connections (attachment). In that case, the remaining teeth in the jaw are ground and covered with metal with a ceramic bridge, which has built-in articulated connections at its ends, which achieve retention on the principle of the patrix and the matrix. Then we talk about combined work or a combination of fixed and mobile prosthetic replacement.

Complete Denture

Complete dentures are removable prosthetic devices designed to replace all of a patient's missing teeth in a dental arch (either upper or lower). This form of dental treatment is typically considered when a patient has lost all of their natural teeth due to factors such as decay, gum disease, trauma, or other dental conditions. The goal of complete denture treatment is to restore oral function, aesthetics, and speech in individuals who have lost their natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Dentures:

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