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At Turabi Dentistry, we provide the widest variety of dental treatments to meet all of our patients' needs, from basic cleanings to complex advanced dental restorations. We treat patients of all ages and work hard to make your comfort our top priority. Our knowledgeable dentist will explore all of the possibilities and assist you in making the best decision for yourself. Turabi dentistry ensures that it is at the forefront of dentistry and provides best possible treatment.

Orofacial surgical

Orofacial surgical

Experience the artistry of Turabi Dentistry’s Orofacial Surgical precision. Click now for a journey to a confident smile like never before.

Dental tourism

Tourism Dentistry

Discover smiles worth traveling for with Tourism Dentistry at Turabi. Click to transform your dental experience and unveil a world of confident smiles.

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Join the Turabi Dentistry family with our exclusive membership. Click now for personalized care, special discounts, and a lifetime of confident smiles.

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Ask Question

What services does Turabi Dentistry offer?

Turabi Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services, including preventive care, cosmetic treatments, and more for a healthy, confident smile.

What cosmetic dentistry options are available?

Choose from various cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign for your desired smile enhancement.

Are your dental procedures painful?

No, we prioritize a pain-free experience, using modern techniques and sedation options for your comfort during procedures.

Do you offer emergency dental services?

Yes, Turabi Dentistry provides prompt emergency dental services for unexpected issues like toothaches or broken teeth.

What is the process for getting dental implants?

From consultation to implant placement, our experienced team ensures a comfortable journey with customized restorations.

Can I schedule appointments outside regular business hours?

Yes, Turabi Dentistry offers flexible scheduling to accommodate your diverse needs. Contact us to discuss convenient appointment times for the dental care you deserve.

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