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Children Pulpectomy

At times, in cases of significant dental trauma or extensive decay affecting both enamel and dentin, the pediatric dentist may advise the family on the necessity of a procedure for the temporary tooth pulp (nerve). This treatment can either be partial (pulpotomy) or complete (pulpectomy).

Although commonly referred to as “killing the nerve,” it’s essential to note that this isn’t a professional or accurate expression.

What is pulpectomy?

A pulpectomy becomes necessary when a child’s baby tooth experiences the death of the dental pulp (nerve) or irreversible damage. In some cases, a micro-abscess with pus may also form, indicating the degeneration of the dental pulp.

During this procedure, the pediatric dentist removes the diseased dental pulp tissue, often referred to as “the nerve,” from both the crown and root of the tooth. Simply put, the dentist cleans out any inflamed, infected, or damaged tissue, allowing the tooth to stay healthy in the mouth without the dental pulp.

The empty spaces are then filled with a special material that seals the roots, gradually disappearing as the permanent teeth emerge in the gum area.

Procedure of Pulpectomy

Here is the procedure of pulpectomy: 

Benefits of Pulpectomy:

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