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Growth Modifications

Transformative Orthodontic Solutions for Developing Smiles

Growth modification is also referred to as Functional Orthopaedics or Dentofacial Orthopaedics. To put it simply, the term dentofacial orthopaedics means changing the size, shape and relationship of the jaws to create symmetry.

Orthopaedics will help permanent teeth grow into the right places, reducing or eliminating the need for extractions. For some patients, early treatment may prevent the need for surgical intervention in later life.

Early intervention with Orthopaedics will give the greatest chance of the best result and although patients are able to treated at any age, those with available growth may enjoy a substantial advantage.

Why choose Orthopaedics or Growth modificaiton?

A smile to be proud of – what more can we say!

In most cases, correction can be accomplished with functional jaw orthopaedics, also known as FJO or functional orthodontics. By starting treatment early in life, we can work with nature to guide the teeth into the correct position. If not treated, this can cause overcrowding and crookedness of the teeth.
It can be noticeable whether treatment is suitable from facial profile and asymmetry. Misalignment of the bite can lead to disproportionate features or lack of facial harmony. This can be avoided if the development of the bite is guided with functional jaw orthopaedics.
Orthopaedic orthodontic treatment usually starts at a younger age than conventional orthodontics, helping the jaws develop to provide the space for your teeth to help keep teeth and gums in optimum health.

Orthopaedic or Growth modification treatment

The exact type of treatment and appliances required to correct the problem will depend upon the information gathered from the diagnosis during the initial consultation. However, orthopaedics will most commonly use the following types of appliances:

1. Development Appliances

These appliances are used during the first phase of orthopaedic treatment and are normally removable or fixed and are made of a plastic plate or metal skeleton with wires attached.

2.Functional appliances

Functional appliances are used during the second phase of orthopaedic treatment if required. The type of functional appliance used will depend on the patient’s age and development.

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