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Female General Dentist to Join Our Vibrant Team


Our dental clinic serves the needs of the local population as well as those from surrounding and far-off locations. It is situated in the city’s center in the Bhalwal district of Sargodha. We have a steady flow of patients.

HR Management

Over 30 years, our dental practice offers advanced technology and a strict sterilization protocol. With two dentists and a weekly visiting dentist, we serve 40-50 patients daily. We adhere to a contract to prevent illegal or unethical practices, and are licensed and registered by PHC.

Hours of Work & Pay

Our practice is open daily from 10 am to 6 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break. Fridays are off. We'll begin with a prestigious monthly 70k, with the potential for salary increases hased based on performance during the trial term.

Housing & Meals

The practise management is going to offer a meal to the visiting dentist in the hostel and a lunch break at the clinic.The practise will cover the employee's lodging in a nearby girls' hostel.

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