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Orofacial & Surgical Procedures

Redefining smiles with personalized orofacial and surgical solutions.

Our Procedures

dental emergency image

Emergency Dental

Discover swift and reliable Emergency Dental care click ‘Learn More’ for immediate solutions at Turabi Dentistry.

Oral cancer screening image

Oral Cancer Screening

Prioritize your health with our thorough Oral Cancer Screening  click ‘Learn More’ to stay proactive at Turabi Dentistry.

Tooth replacement image

Tooth Replacement

Explore innovative Tooth Replacement options. Click ‘Learn More’ for a complete and confident smile.

pediatric dentistryimage

Pediatric Dentist

Experience gentle Pediatric Dentistry for your little ones Click ‘Learn More’ to nurture their smiles.

preventive dentistry image

Preventive Dentistry

Embrace proactive care with Preventive Dentistry. Click ‘Learn More’ forfor preventive care.

filling image


Discover seamless Fillings for a natural-looking restoration. Click ‘Learn More’ to explore our expert solutions.

teeth cleaning image

Teeth Cleaning

Revitalize your smile with professional Teeth Cleaning. Click ‘Learn More’ to experience thorough dental care.

crowns image


Uncover the artistry of dental Crowns. Click ‘Learn More’ for customized solutions for your teeth.

Gum disease treatment image

Gum Disease Treatment

Combat Gum Disease with our specialized treatments. Click ‘Learn More’ for comprehensive care and a healthier smile.

Cosmetic dentistry image

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform your smile with Cosmetic Dentistry expertise. Click ‘Learn More’ for radiant and confident smile.

Teeth whitening image

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile with Teeth Whitening. Click ‘Learn More’ for professional and radiant results.

hollywood smile image

Hollywood Smile

Experience the allure of a Hollywood Smile. Click ‘Learn More’ for perfect Hollywood smile .

Gum contouring image

Gum Contouring

Refine your gum line with precise Gum Contouring. Click ‘Learn More’ for expert techniques that enhance your smile.

Gum contouring image (2)

Composite Bonding

Transform imperfections with Composite Bonding. Click ‘Learn More’ for seamless, natural-looking repairs.

dental fillers image


Enhance facial aesthetics with Fillers. Click ‘Learn More’ for non-invasive solutions that rejuvenate your smile at Turabi Dentistry.

veeners image


Enhance facial aesthetics with Fillers. Click ‘Learn More’ for non-invasive solutions that rejuvenate your smile at turabi desntistry.

restorative dentistry image

Restorative Dentistry

Experience the art of Restorative Dentistry. Click ‘Learn More’ for tailored solutions that preserve your smile.

mouth rehablitation image

Full Mouth Rehablitaion

Transform your smile with Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Click ‘Learn More’ for comprehensive and personalized treatments.

dental denture image

Dental Dentures

Rediscover confidence with Dental Dentures. Click ‘Learn More’ for customized solutions that restore your smile.

root canal image

Root Canal

Alleviate discomfort with expert Root Canal treatments. Click ‘Learn More’ for precise and effective care.

inlays onlays image

Inlays & Onlays

“Experience dental artistry with Inlays & Onlays at. Click ‘Learn More’ for meticulously crafted solutions, seamlessly restoring and enhancing your smile.

orthodontic treatment image

Orthodontic Treatment

Transform your smile with Orthodontic Treatment. Click ‘Learn More’ for personalized solutions that align your teeth beautifully.

growth modification image

Growth Modifications

Guide natural growth with Growth Modifications. Click ‘Learn More’ for specialized treatments ensuring optimal development.

growth modification image (1)

Invisible Braces

Embrace discreet alignment with Invisible Braces. Click ‘Learn More’ for a seamless path to a straighter, confident smile.

growth modification image (2)

Interceptive Treatment

Nurture growing smiles with Interceptive Treatment. Click ‘Learn More’ for proactive care.

orthodontic retainers image

Orthodontic Retainers

Maintain your aligned smile with Orthodontic Retainers. Click ‘Learn More’ for essential care.

fixed braces image

Fixed Braces

Achieve precision with Fixed Braces. Click ‘Learn More’ for effective and reliable orthodontic solutions.

oral surgery image

Oral Surgery

Experience expert Oral Surgery. Click ‘Learn More’ for specialized procedures ensuring your optimal oral health.

surgical extraction image

Surgical Extractions

Simplify your dental journey with Surgical Extractions at Turabi Dentistry. Click ‘Learn More’ for a comfortable and expert approach to tooth removal, ensuring a seamless experience with optimal care for your oral health.”

dental implants image

Dental Implants

Experience a breakthrough in smile restoration with Dental Implants at Turabi Dentistry. Click ‘Learn More’ to discover the lasting solution for missing teeth, ensuring not just a beautiful smile.

bone regeneration image

Bone Regeneration

Unlock the potential of a stronger smile with Bone Regeneration at Turabi Dentistry. Click ‘Learn More’ to explore advanced procedures ensuring a robust foundation for your dental health.

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